Are we feeling blue? An ode to the sea

This exhibition is a tribute to the sea, its beauty, its richness, its majestuosity and its meditative power. There is something about water, about the ocean that gives me peace and the feeling of freedom. But not everything is as nice at it seems, oceans are being enormously polluted, animals are being overfished and the variety of the ecosystems is dying. By showing this crude scenes interleaved with nice ocean scenes and accompained by an surrounding sound of deep underwater ambience I try to create a contrast that will make the viewer reflect on this topic. The video is projected on top of the weaving, a portrait of the sea. As another layer of the work a lights and shadows mosaic is build on the wall behind the weaving. This is my ode to the sea.

The exhibition opened on World Ocean’s Day 2021


250cm x 180cm hand weaving with mixed wool,

Installation: Weaving, tree branch, projection of video and audio (7min), 2021

Pictures of the exhibition at the Off-Space ‘Das Odradek’ in Düsseldorf.  Pictures by Jana Buch.