Nos vemos en el cosmos

Participative handwoven tapestries, mixed wool, variable sizes, since 2022 


Weaving, meeting, sharing. 

You, the textile and me.
People interweaving themselves,
stories interweaving themselves.
A sky connecting people, 



holding memories,
guarding secrets, 
holding time still.


‘Nos vemos en el cosmos’ is a participatory weaving project carried out by the artist, friends, and guests together in the studio and during exhibitions. 

Large woven bodies are formed by the plurality of gestures, in the repetition of actions, a dialogue between the artist and the audience. The repetition of gestures that constitute weaving, connect artisan knowledge with the collective body, and collaboratively build a storyline that gives protagonism to the making process. The interweaving of threads in different shades of blue and white create a celestial skyscape, like clouds appearing and disappearing on a blue sky day. A yellow thread and a name tag is used to mark the spot where a person weaved, storing their presence in the work.

A weaving is finished, a new one is being born, following the same principles and re-opening the invitation to weave together. 

With the uniqueness of each collaboration, the work celebrates the intertwining of stories and people, presenting itself as a witness of time, a link between memories and matter, between us and the cosmos.

These moments of weaving-encounters are a space of sharing, of intimacy, of meeting and accompanying through doing, of disconnection, of connection, of play. a space to decelerate, of meditation, of release, of hugs, of processes, of weaving: Nos vemos en el cosmos