Nos vemos en el cosmos

The idea behind this weaving is to connect people. Representing an abstract sky or a map. I started inviting friends that visited my atelier in the Beaux Arts in Paris to weave with me. Each space weaved by a friend was then marked by a yellow thread with a nametag. At the first exhibition of this sky weaving (group exhibition with the class of julien creuzet at beaux arts de paris) y extended this invitation to weave with me to all the public. I was there every day for a coulpe of hours during the time exhitbion, weaving. Weaving, meeting and talking with new people, and with friends. Sharing this one special moment with the person(s) weaving, the textile and me. 

Then my dear weaving had its second appearance in the open doors group exhibition of the beaux arts. I was present weaving only the first day, and after all the weekend of exhibition, I saw that people had continued weaving even without me. I felt happy that they felt welcome to do so. More people weaving in the same weaving. People interweaving themselfs. 

And immediatelly the days after this exhibition, my dear weaving travelled all the way to Düsseldorf to make its third exhibition appearance at «Boxenstopp» in ES365.  So now not only people in Paris had weaved in it, but also in Düsseldorf, connecting like that more people and territories. 

Collective Weaving,

mixed wool, paper, wood, chairs, 3m x 2m.